About Us

Meet Our Co-Founders

Mikaela Egan

Mikaela is a proud Muthi Muthi/Gunditjmara woman from Mildura/Robinvale. She is a Facilitator, Artist & Photographer and former Public Health Professional. 

Casey Atkinson

Casey is a proud Bangerang/Wiradjuri man from Shepparton, Victoria. He is an avid musician and artist who takes great pride in the works he creates. 


Our Story


Casey & Mikaela co-founded Koorie Prints in 2017 out of a shared love for creating artwork using various creative mediums. Both come from families of renowned Aboriginal artists and draw inspiration from Family, Country & Culture.

OK, enough third person, it's Mikaela here, I'm our social media 'manager' or the usual voice you'll see and hear on our socials. Casey and I share a connection through our creative eyes and it all started by simply wanting to see affordable cultural prints in peoples homes. Back then there wasn't alot of Aboriginal businesses in this contemporary space but its so deadly to see how this has grown and changed over the years.

5 years on and we have now combined our skills to bring our services to the table.
To add the storytelling component to our business that we have been dreaming up since the day we started this journey.

We've always loved being able to visually tell a story whether it be through photos or video.

I've been a professional photographer for 4 years and I've been able to almost 'perfect' the art of capturing emotion through those seemingly insignificant candid moments. 

Casey is a well respected musician and producer with an incredible wealth of knowledge in the audio/sound space and has been making music for over 15 years.

Together we bring you our knowledge and skills to help bring your creative vision to life.