About us


We are two Koories who decided to combine our creative minds and embark on the journey that is Koorie Prints! We are descendants of the Gunditjmara, Muthi Muthi, Bangerang and Wiradjuri Nations/Clans.

We wanted a way to express our own individual creativity while using elements of our culture in our designs. When you visit us here at Koorie Prints you'll find Aboriginal inspired designs, Aboriginal art work, and contemporary designs you can display in your home or office space.

But to us, it’s more than just artwork. We started Koorie Prints as a way to express ourselves and to create a life that’s fun and fulfilling, to leave our ‘print’ on this earth. We want to embrace and share the stories of others and the unique prints they leave behind.

It's all about creative expression, letting your spirit come alive & most importantly having fun with it!