Wominjeka! Welcome!

Wominjeka! Welcome! Hello
If you’re reading this it’s too late…
You are now subscribed! This page is automated and you’re officially now apart of the KP tribe and you don’t even need to put your email address in, how deadly!
Nah gammin.
But this is what you have to look forward to if you do join our tribe! Bad (mad) jokes, that are actually fantastic you just have to warm up to it. And if you’re not a black fella you are might be wondering why automated sign up pages are so ‘deadly’ and WTH is gammin? And you are probably also wondering if its ok for you to use the term black fella.
See below
Wominjeka: Means ‘Welcome’ in Woiwurrung language of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation.
Deadly: Something that is good, awesome, and cool.
Gammin/gammon: Fake, pretend, not real, and just joking.
Black fella: Sure, just don’t be racist.
Ok introductions…
Hi I’m Mikaela Egan and this is my other whole, Casey Atkinson. We are descendants of the Gunditjmara, Muthi Muthi, Bangerang & Wiradjuri tribes of Aboriginal Australia. The words we just taught you are Aboriginal English words that are recognisable nation wide in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.
You can read more about us in a Koorie Prints context here. We will go more into who we are individually and a little about our story in up coming blog posts.
So, the brains behind, I mean, the typing fingers behind our social media and our blog posts are mostly I, Mikaela, but everything we do is a team effort. Casey has an astounding ability to articulate stuff and me not so much so often he will be sitting beside me giving words to my thoughts.
His creative ability is also ah-mazing!
Which leads me to what can you expect to find here on our blog. Mostly we want to share REAL stories, real people, real life, culture and beautiful photos.
Keeping it pretty simple.
Life is random, you know? So I think if its ok with you guys we will, from time to time, share some things that capture our interest, appeal to the creative out there (all of you) and maybe somewhere at some stage we might be able to inspire you to follow your dream, or to find more and/or a renewed joy in what you already do.
Whether you consider yourself a creative, an everyday colleague, a business man or woman, fun loving parent, son, daughter, mother, brother, sister! – Something I truly believe is that every one of us has a creative heart whether it is for painting, drawing, sewing, cooking, or even the way you problem solve or arrange your desk at work.
And well, if you’re not one you probably know a child that is, and that is something I long to bring out in others, and myself is our inner child.
Oh the purity!
I believe we bring an element of yin & yang to our conversation yin being female energy and yang being male energy. I think that’s really important in the world we live in today. Fellas it’s ok to be vulnerable and ladies it’s ok to boss up. This is not a statement to stir up sexist connotations, our male & female energies gel together and we do not hold each other higher than the other, we simply exist in ways that work for us.
Something I have learnt is that, perspective is everything.
We all see the world through the lens of our own perspectives and in human interaction its really important to acknowledge that – just don’t be an a-hole, fact is fact.
Oh! We also do art & design which you can find here in our shop.
Actually no no, I shouldn’t give so little credence to that aspect of KP as that is largely what we are. But I wanted to make this a place that not only exchanges products at a dollar value but knowledge, inspiration and ideas. Because those are the things you cant put a price on.
Something we pride our biz on and life in general is real connections and being authentic. You wont deal with robots, you wont get spam emails and you wont be left feeling like life admin is just too much every time you enter your email address into another subscribers list.
We have both lived and learned through many of life’s obstacles (so far) and now I think were doing alright, feeling pretty deadly about following a dream.
A dream that sprung from a culmination of thoughts that (like a light bulb) went ding ding ding, idea!
I intuitively knew Koorie Prints had to be born, and it’s the first time I really tuned in and listened and acted upon and idea and made it happen.
It was like a souls calling and we both feel the 65,000 + years of rich heritage that’s running through our veins had to be expressed in our own unique ways.
And you know what? Not everyone is going to necessarily going to love our work the way we do and not everyone is going to agree with or enjoy what we have to say but we are building our business on foundations of respect.
Please, no hate here. If you must, do it quietly.
Woo! You made it through our first blog post and I am so over the moon that you stayed with me.
You are so appreciated!
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As we grow we would love you to grow with us.
MC xo