The Story Behind the Design


So we have had such an overwhelming response to our Aboriginal Australia design that we wanted to share a little story with you.

When we created this (or when Casey created this – I still try to take at least half the credit, lol) I mean, we knew it was dope, but we didn’t know that people from all over Australia would be reppin our design – people of all ages & races!

It started as an A4 print.

And then an Instagram follower reached out to us, he asked us if or how he could get this onto a T-shirt.

And the rest is history.

So here goes the story behind the design…

Casey and I were sitting in our garage, we had just started our small business, literally had zero inventory and very little materials but we had big ideas. We had 4 cans of spray paint and some A4 paper and we started spraying. We had just created some prints to launch an Etsy story after I had come home from work one day with two post it notes that I had stuck together (red & purple) and had written the words ‘Koorie Prints’.

‘I was like BABE I have this idea I think I finally know what to do’. We had only been together for like not even 6 months at this point. But what I knew was he was creative AF and I was longing to get back in touch with my own creative side.

 So KP was born.

 Now back to those cans of paint. We pondered ideas, made some pictures, brought some paint, I got some watercolours and we just went with it. Casey saw some of the bleeds in my water colour experiments and was like babe you are a creative goddess  .. lol gammin .. but he did love the style I was putting down.

So we came up with the idea to do a watercolour design inside the map of Australia in the Aboriginal flag colours– we wanted it to be unique.

Unique is what we got.

With some Photoshop manipulation, those dripping watercolours came to life and the design was born.

At first it looked like smoke on Country, we saw pain, we saw joy, we felt this intensity beaming from the design. We felt proud.

The black, yellow and red flows together and through each other, intertwining and connecting each element together.

The Aboriginal flag was created by Harold Thomas, a Luritja man of Central Australia. The colours of the flag represent the Aboriginal people of Australia, the red ochre colour of earth and a spiritual relation to the land and the sun, the giver of life and protector.

People have reached out to us telling us how much they love the design. The best part is it means something different to everyone, people say they can see different things in our design.


They see smoke, they see fire, they see water.


For this overwhelming response Casey and I say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts THANKYOU for supporting a dream.


You are so deadly.

MC x