Our Message for Non-Indigenous People

A commonly asked question we get is “Is it disrespectful for me to wear your Aboriginal Australia design as a non-Indigenous person?”

The short answer? Scroll to the end to find out.

Casey & I created this brand to share a part of our culture and who we are with the world through our artwork. It is a place for sharing, for community and a place where we can feel really proud when we see you displaying or wearing our work.

It truly warms my heart when Non-Indigenous people where our design with pride, like, really. For you to feel confident and comfortable reppin Aboriginal Australia openly with no concern for judgment is something to be so proud of all in the spirit of reconciliation – you are so deadly!

After all, I am a Muthi Muthi/Gunditjmara woman but I am too an Anglo Australian.

January is fast approaching which means January 26th, Invasion Day or what I prefer to call Survival Day is around the corner and this can be a very hard time on social media for Aboriginal Australians. Koorie Prints has been around for only one Survival Day and we burst with pride when we see you wearing our design. Not only are you supporting a small business, a 100% Aboriginal owned business but you are supporting a dream, a vision and you are supporting Aboriginal Australia.

A small gesture, but we see you.

Can we make a promise to each other?

Let’s make a promise to make the next few months harmonious & supportive for the First Peoples of this country, to recognize the true spirit of reconciliation and share the message that Uncle Michael Long once spoke “This is not about Aboriginal Australia or White Australia, this is about Australia”.

The longevity of our planet relies on Indigenous knowledge.

And to leave you with one last thought I heard when hearing the amazing Nova Peris speak ~ “This country will never lose 200+ years of history it will gain 60,000 ” – it’s not about what you have to give up.

The short answer – no way.

MC x