NAIDOC Pre-Order T&Cs

What's this pre-order all about & how does it work?

Please read the following carefully before you send us your questions. If we haven't answered your question here then please contact us. 

Here is where you will get the run down on how our current hoodie pre-order works. 

What can I pre-order?

You can chose to pre-order any of our hoodies. We stock the unisex grey & graphite as staples in our collection. However, in the pre-order you can order any special editions that appear in our Tee store. If you can't see it in the store its not included in the pre-order. 

How long do I have to pre-order?

Pre-orders will be open for 3 weeks. They will close on May 30th. The order will be placed the next day on Friday May 31st. These deadlines are strict so please we kindly ask that you get your order in on time as we won't be in a position to do one off special requests. 

When will I receive my hoodie/s?

Once the order is placed on the 31st the estimated time is 2-3 weeks in production. This gives us plenty of time to ship your order out to you. This way we can guarantee you will receive your hoodie by July 1st, the beginning of NAIDOC wee

Why are the special edition hoodies blank?

If the thumbnail image is blank it means that we haven't printed our Aboriginal Australia design on these before or we don't have an image to share. But be assured! all hoodies will have the design printed on them and in the description box it will either say transparent ink or vibrant.

What is the different between transparent & vibrant? 

Transparent ink means the design 'sinks in' to the hoodie (see grey hoodie & white tees) and gives a vintage feel. The vibrant ink is printed on darker garments to the design 'pops' (see graphite hoodie & grey tees). 

Grey & pink hoodies are always printed transparent. 

Graphite, army & gold are always printed vibrant. 

Can I order other items that are currently in stock at the same time as a pre-order?

You sure can. However, this means that you won't receive the items until your pre-order comes in. We will ship them all together so you will receive all items by July 1st. 

What are the sizes like? 

Please refer to the size charts which appear in the product images to help you decide on the size thats right for you. if you can't see a size selection then it means the stock is unable to be ordered in that size. 


*Lastly by placing a pre-order you are agreeing that you understand that the orders will be placed on the 31st of May and from the time of paying and receiving your order there is a 4 week window and you are guaranteed to receive your order by the 1st of July 2019. 

*If for some reason the order doesn't come in or we are unable to get your stock to you in time we will contact you and if we are unable to come to a suitable agreement you will be entitled to a full refund. 

Fingers crossed we have answered you query here! if we haven't send us a message on instagram or email us -

Looking forward to NAIDOC 2019!